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About Thrifty Used Cars and Tires LLC

Welcome to Thrifty Used Cars and Tires LLC. Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle, a picture gallery, as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. We are located at 5061 Whitney St Bay St Louis, MS 39520 and are available by phone at 228-344-3277 . You can also get driving directions and hours of service from our user friendly website.  We specializes in cars 10k and less. 


The 1st way we sell cars is for CASH.  CASH is KING you ask us our best cash price on any car it always beats the window price.  The cars at Thrifty are all paid for in cash by the owner.  There is no floor plan or line of credit.  So when you ask him his best cash price and he gets all his money at the sale it always beats THE WINDOW PRICE!  He doesn't have to pay a floor plan company or the bank it enables him to have lower prices on cash cars.. ASK HIM OR ANGELA FOR THE CASH PRICE  ON A CAR & SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

The 2nd way we sell cars is on our LUNCH BOX BHPH PROGRAM.  Henry was a collection Supervisor at a Sub Prime Finance company for 10 years.  He understands how people w/ credit concerns have been treated and the outrageous interest and cost that they pay for their cars.  Once your credit is blemished or has major concerns it is difficult to build wealth for you and your family.  Henry saw this first hand as a collection supervisor.  He always thought it was wrong for the people w/ the least AMOUNT OF MONEY to pay the most for their cars.  When Henry was in college at UNLV he was a bartender for Marriott.  He drove a 83 Ford EXP.  His timing belt broke while atrending college. It was going to cost him $1900 to repair in 1989.  So he went around trying to find other options instead of paying the $1900.  He thought maybe he could buy a new used car in VEGAS?  He had $1500 to put down on something and 0 CREDIT since he was only 20 yrs of age.  Well young Mr. Wallis soon figured out that a college student w/ a part time bartending job had a hard time getting credit.  He wound up at a BHPH lot that a friend suggested.  This was his first experience w/ BHPH.  The only car on the lot this dealership would sell Henry was a 1980 Chevy Citation w/ 150k for miles. This dealership wanted 2k down on the car and $400 a month for the next 24 months.  Henry left that car lot w/ a bad taste in his mouth and saved up his money till he could have his 83 Ford EXP  repaired.  Henry's perception of BHPH DEALERSHIPS WERE THEY WERE A BUNCH OF SEEDY CROOKS.  When he opened his dealership and came up w/ the LUNCHBOX BHPH Program  plenty of how it was created was based off of those 2 life experiences. ON OUR LUNCH BOX BHPH PROGRAM





Everyone pays the same payment either $75 weekly or $150 Bi-WeeklyYou make the down payment you ride period Down Payments are usually 40% of total cost of the car as a rule of thumb.  Then after you pay off your first car we offer a step up program and will extend you more credit on your second purchase.  You may not have the down payment on the car you want to buy initially and you have too settle for a lesser down payment car.  So after the first one is paid off then you may qualify for the car you wanted originally but may have not had the down payment for.   Your Third car paid off we offer the Dream Program see Henry for Details.  We have low payments, and no interest 0% on your loan and your down payment amount dictates which cars you qualify for!!  We give you hope, you don't have to pay us for 60 months to own your.  Our terms are usually around 12 months!! There is light at the end of the tunnel!!

The 3rd way we sell cars is your financing.  If you come in w/ a finance company of your choice, credit union, bank already willing to lend you money we will be glad to sell you a car this way also.  We don't solicit outside finance for anyone!! You are welcome to bring in your own financing if you have it!!???? We understand if you have good credit and don't want to put down 40% of total cost.  We have done business w/ a few Banks, Credit Unions, and Finance Company's since we have been open the past 4 years.  We are familiar w/ the process and the stipulations they may require.  We are in the business of selling cars and will do what is needed to get you riding out!!

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