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Thrifty Used Cars and Tires LLC is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, LLC or The Hertz Corporation.

Welcome to Thrifty Used Cars and Tires LLC. Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle, a picture gallery, as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. We are located at 5061 Whitney St Bay St Louis, MS 39520 and are available by phone at 228-344-3277. You can also get driving directions, and hours of service from our user-friendly website.  We specialize in cars 15k and less. We are a high-volume dealership w/ sales of over 500+ cars A YEAR.


Exciting news!!! We rolled out another option to our BHPH Program! Currently our program is:

$No Credit Check

$No Full Coverage Insurance

$No Fees or Interest 0%

1) Down Payments are 40% of the Total Price of the car. So, if the car cost $10,000 your down payment would be $4000. Then payments are $75 a wk or $150 every other wk. This is the program we started w/ 5 years ago that has been so successful for us and our customers.

2) A 2nd option we rolled out OCT 1st is you can put down 30% of the total price. So, if the car cost $10,000 you would only have to put down $3000. The payments though would be $100 a wk or $200 every other wk. We did this in an effort to help w/ down payments being so high. The cost of cars is so high which has caused Down Payments to rise also. YOU WON'T FIND A BETTER DEAL ANY WHERE. ONLY TAKING 30% DOWN OF TTL PRICE AND STILL NOT RUNNING CREDIT OR CHARGING INTEREST IS THE BEST DEAL AROUND FOR ANYONE WHO HAS HAD CREDIT CHALLENGES. THE NORM FOR THESE FOLKS IS PAYING 150% OF RETAIL AND 28% INTEREST FOR 5 YEARS AND THAT IS HARD TO RECOVER FROM WHEN YOU PAY SO MUCH FINANCE CHARGE PLUS THE INFLATTED VALUE ON THE CAR..... THIS IS WHY WE OPENNED 5 YEARS AGO TO PROVIDE PEOPLE W/ ANOTHER OPTION IF THEY ARE ABLE TO HAVE MONEY FOR A DOWN PAYMENT.


We sell cars for CASH.  CASH is KING! You ask us our best cash price on any car it always beats the window price.  The cars at Thrifty are all paid for in cash by the owner.  There is no floor plan or line of credit.  When you ask him his best cash price and he gets all his money at the sale. It always beats THE WINDOW PRICE!  He doesn't have to pay a floor plan company or the bank it enables him to have lower prices on cash cars... ASK HIM OR ANGELA FOR THE CASH PRICE ON A CAR & SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

We sell cars w/
your financing.  If you come in w/ a finance company of your choice, credit union, bank already willing to lend you money we will be glad to sell you a car this way also.  We don't solicit outside finance for anyone!! You are welcome to bring in your own financing if you have it!!???? We understand if you have good credit and don't want to put down 30%-40% of total PRICE.  We have done business w/ MOST OF THE Banks, Credit Unions, and Finance Company's since we have been open the past 5 years.  We are familiar w/ the process and the stipulations they may require.  We are in the business of selling cars and will do what is needed to get you riding. We are an approved Car Dealership w/ KEESLER CREDIT UNION, NAVY FEDERAL, LENDMARK!! You can go get pre-approved by any of those 3 and we will be able to find you sum choices that fit their program! EASY AND WE DO BUSINESS W/ THESE FOLKS ALL THE TIME!!

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